We are now hearing from Tara Grinstead's family for the first time since last week's GBI press conference.

Chelsea Beimfohr spoke to Grinstead's sister on the phone who says she's glad the family is finally receiving some long-awaited answers.

"I have not lost hope. I have really not lost hope," said Anita Grinstead Gattis.

But 11 years later, Gattis' hope has grown a little dimmer after two arrests have been made in the murder of her little sister, Tara.

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"I'm thankful, but I'm also heartbroken because this is not the outcome I wanted. Some part of me hoped that my sister was going to be alive, but I now know that this is not the case," said Gattis.

Last week, former Irwin County High School Student, Ryan Duke was charged with Grinstead's murder. On Friday, Bo Dukes was charged with helping "conceal her death."

"I had never heard either one of those names until after Ryan was arrested," Gattis said.

After Ryan was arrested, his attorney filed a gag order, and Gattis says that's not "OK" with her.

"I'm sorry, but you want to protect the rights of the person who has been arrested over the rights of my sister," said Gattis.

Gattis says she's been informed by the GBI that they have found some sort of "evidence," and she's hopeful it belongs to Tara.

Gattis said, "This is not like CSI on TV where you get something within a day. It's a long, terrible process, but I hope and pray we can get some answers rapidly."

Gattis says her sister Tara was a teacher, a daughter, and a friend to so many. She's just hopeful that soon she will be able to provide Tara with a proper goodbye.