The Taylor County Board of Education has named a new superintendent of schools.

Just last month, Taylor County parents protested former superintendent Gary Gibson's firing, saying he shouldn't have been let go, but now community members like Helen Bullard are starting to rally behind his replacement.

“I think she’s doing an outstanding job so far and so far so good,” Bullard said.

Last week, the board hired Jennifer Albritton as the new superintendent.

She has been with the district in several roles since 2000, most recently as Assistant Superintendent.

“This community means a lot to me and I love the people of this community, and I'm just excited about the direction and opportunities that we have,” Albritton said.

She says moving the system forward together will take patience.

“I'll just take it one day at a time, try to bring people to the table and try to reconcile differences,” Albritton said. “I think you'll see me take it very gradually and work through some of these problems day by day.”

Albritton hopes that she can bridge the gap to bring the community back together.

“We're certainly going to continue to do what were supposed to do here and certainly have an open door policy, invite them in if there's any concerns that they have as a result of what we've been through over the last several weeks,” Albritton said.

That’s what people like Bullard hope for.

“It looks like it is moving in that direction and that means everything to me as well as to most of the people in this community,” Bullard said.