Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so Taylor County Middle School students wanted to make sure everyone's bellies would be full.

Nicole Butler went to see how the students' efforts started piling up to make a big impact on their community.

Cans are piling up by the hundreds.

With fewer than 200 students, Taylor County Middle School was determined to make a big impact with their Feed the Needy program, having a hefty goal of donating 1,000 cans to families in need for the holidays.

So to get the cans rolling in, the class with the most cans got a pizza party, and 8th grader Arkevius King said that was the perfect motivation.

"Our class would be in the lead and then we'll brag to the other classes and then they would come back and brag to us when they are in the lead. That was the funnest part," King says.

Well, that did the trick -- the students shattered their goal.

"Almost our whole middle school brought cans, so I knew we were going to get over a thousand," King says.

Filling everything from boxes to bags, the students helped collect almost 4,000 cans.

King says even though a pizza party was on the line, he never lost sight of what was important.

"I feel good because what if I was in that situation and didn't have any food? It's people all over the world that don't even have a family to feed them. That's why I told my mom I want to bring some cans," King says.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Principal Brian Barnhill says he's thankful seeing how hard his students have worked to help the community.

"Knowing that these cans and this food is going to the citizens of Taylor County, it's just an outpouring of emotion I can't... It's hard to describe, hard to put into words how proud I am of the kids," Barnhill says.

And the kids aren't stopping just yet. Cans have still been rolling in all day, wanting to feed as many people in Taylor County as possible during the holiday season.

Feed the Needy is a program organized by the Taylor County High School JROTC, and 2017 marks its 11th year.