If you like to eat out and you appreciate a bit of Central Georgia history, you might like what Gateway Macon is doing.

Mindy Hart runs the Macon travel site.

"There were so many old places in Macon that have closed, like there was the Saratoga,” said Hart. “There were other restaurants that were pretty popular in Macon and didn't get their due and I think now it's time they're brought back and the memories are rehashed."

Hart found a way to keep those memories alive.

She runs Gateway Macon and they've released vintage tea towels with iconic restaurants and images from the past.

LenBerg's makes up most of this first collection.

The old building still sits downtown on Walnut Street.

"Lenberg's was my first choice because everyone loves LenBerg's," Hart said.

Anjette Lyles is on one too.

She is infamous for owning a restaurant in the 1950s and poisoning her family at the same time, so her fabric says dangerously delicious.

"People love Anjette in a sick, macabre kind of way," she said.

LaVista sat on Vineville Avenue and was a pretty popular seafood joint.

As you can imagine, Mindy had a hard time narrowing down these first selections.

There are some that may come out down the road.

"There was the Chicken House…and then there was the Varsity. Everyone remembers the Varsity over here down where Sid's used to be on Forsyth Street,” said Hart

You can find the first edition towels on Etsy. which is an online crafting website.

Look for Lost Macon, or you can contact Gateway Macon.

You can also buy the towels at Carol's Linen's on Tim Hill Senior Boulevard in Macon. They run 19.99.

After the first of the year, you can get these designs on a t-shirt through Gateway Macon.