In just a few days, teams will be racing down Macon’s Magnolia Street for the annual Magnolia Soap Box Derby.

This year’s race features 35 teams, with some competing for the first time. The Schmucks are one of those teams gearing up for their first derby.

Matt Hughes is one of five guys on the Schmucks' team competing Saturday.

"[I] found out about it and thought that’s something we can do,” said Hughes.

He says for them, building a car is a fun way to all hang out.

Two months of work on what started as an old go-kart has led to an impressive payoff.

“Trial run it. Then we put it together again,” said Hughes.

The teams driver, David Widmer, says they realized they had a few things to fix after he rode it for the first time.

“Both sets of brakes. Going down the hill, pulling the breaks...the car kind of tilted a little bit [and] went on two wheels, but I was able to stop fortunately,” said Widmer.

Thanks to a grant from the Knight Foundation and some donations, Widmer says the car is almost ready.

“We actually broke the axles, so we've had to fabricate some new supports for it and we're just waiting for those to come in,” said Widmer.

One thing that is unique to the Schmucks car is a grill they put on the back.

“So we're going to be hanging out grilling some dogs. Feel free to stop by the Schmucks,” said Hughes.

The race also includes other events like a kid’s big wheel race. The first race starts at 10 a.m. and the event is free to the public.