In 2016, the VA provided care to 700,000 patients via Telehealth.

Telehealth is health care access to veterans to through the use of technology.

Thursday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., the Telehealth van made a stop to the Carl Vinson VA Medical center in Dublin.

The Dublin VA cares for 38,000 veterans in 52 counties in Middle and South Georgia and telehealth technologies help to make healthcare more convenient for rural veterans while maintaining the highest levels of quality of care.

Rhonda Clay is a caregiver for her husband, Timothy Clay, and Thursday, they made a 3-hour trip from Hinesville to Dublin so that Timothy could see three doctors at the Carl Vinson VA Medical Center.

However, they didn't know that a solution to all of this travel could be a truck and a tablet away.

Ben Engela, trainer for this VA Telehealth service says for this says technology is convenient and saves people time.

"What we're using this for is mental health and behavioral health. We're removing all of those trips to the hospital, so you're going to have your appointment time, answer your tablet, do your mental health appointment, and end call," said Engel.

Dozens of veterans and medical technicians filled this truck to see how fast technology has evolved. One volunteer at the hospital said that he spoke to a couple of people inside the hospital and they said it makes it easier, and Clay couldn't agree any more.

"The idea of him having a tablet and being able to talk to somebody right away in case his sugar goes up or his blood pressure goes up or if he can even make appointments, that will be a great thing for him," said Clay