A Telfair County man was arrested March 1 after threatening five teens with an automatic pistol, according to an incident report from the McRae-Helena Police Department.

It says officers were sent to the car wash at 249 Eighth Street. While on the way, 911 told the officers the suspect was leaving the scene in his Corvette.

After they pulled over the driver, 54-year-old Peter Hilliard, they asked him if he had a gun and they found it an automatic pistol behind the seat.

One of the teens who called 911 told the officer he used to date Hilliard’s daughter, but they broke up. One of the teen’s friends called Hilliard’s daughter a derogatory name after, which upset him and his wife.

The release says the teen told the officer that Hilliard and his wife drove to the car wash and asked the teens who called their daughter.

One of the teenagers admitted to it, and a fight broke out that ended with Hilliard pulling out the gun and allegedly threatening to ‘kill everyone.’

At the jail, Hilliard said one of the teens hit him from behind when he asked who called their daughter, and he was scared.

The release says Hilliard told the officer he pulled out the pistol to make them back away. He also said he drove away because they were still threatening to fight him.

Hilliard was charged with five counts of cruelty to children in the 3rd degree, one count of cruelty to children in the 1st degree, and one count of battery.