A Houston County man has spent the last ten years chasing ghosts, literally.

He's written a series of three books on haunts throughout the state.

Richard Brent's volunteered at the Big House for seven years and he says the former Allman Brothers hangout does have a supernatural feel to it.

"When I walk in the house I can feel a thickness if you will, and sometimes the hair stands up on my arms and it feels like somethings kind of weird," Brent said.

Brent enjoyed meeting author Jim Miles, who wrote the Weird Georgia books and then turned his attention to a childhood love, ghosts.

"Then, for ten years, I worked to get one ghost story from every county in Georgia."

He compiled those tales in a series of three books called Haunted Georgia. One of them centers right here in the Central part of the state, and that's where the Big House comes in.

Plus, the traditional story here is very scary. They think a fifteen-year-old girl fell down the stairs and died around 150 years ago.

"And people upstairs would be sleeping, and there is a ghost floating a foot above their heads," Jim Miles mentioned.

Miles says he's chatted with thousands of folks who claim to have seen or felt ghosts. including himself, and she looks to be wearing a long dress and a bonnet.

Jim feels much like the spirit inside the Big House never sticks around.

:"Most of them just seem to be saying we're here and occasionally we want somebody to notice us," he said.

You can find Haunted Central North and South Georgia wherever you like to buy or read books.