Friday, the radio station 100.9 The Creek plans to celebrate their one-year anniversary.

They're more than a radio station, the group is making a dent in Macon's music scene.

Brad Evans is a co-owner and runs the radio station.

"Our station is a community radio station," he said. "We do roots-based Americana music all day, music that was created here in Macon, all day long we play it, and it's all great, but the real difference, I believe, is we celebrate the place we live."

Brad Evans and his partners Rob Evans (no relation, by the way) and Wes Griffith own and run the radio station that hit the airwaves last summer.

Brad says they felt confident but had no idea they'd be so successful, something they gauge with advertiser dollars and listener feedback.

"I'm lucky enough to do the morning show on every morning from 7-9, just the amount of response I get at that time shows me people care about what we're saying and they care about what we're doing," Brad said.

They pride themselves on playing tunes that have some sort of a link to Central Georgia, and that conviction led them to explore plans with the old Capricorn music studios.

We got the chance to explore the Capricorn building on Martin Luther King Blvd.

Mercer University is raising money to bring it all back to life. The Creek group could eventually help out.

"We're in talks with Mercer University to partner with them on the management of Capricorn Studios when that comes online. They're still in the fundraising mode," Brad explained.

Nothing's set in stone yet. The folks at Mercer say they're about $2 million away from their goal.

Once that's in place, it would take about another year to get it all ready, but the plans include a lot of community involvement.

"We're going to have an event space, a mini-museum where folks can see stuff from Capricorn's history we're going to have an actual recording studio here, not to mention an incubator space that will be run by the 5-4 Music Group where young bands can come in and practice," Brad projected, big plans that will keep the guys busy until their next birthday.