The Macon Pops are ready to get back to the stage for their fifth season on August 26.

As the Macon Symphony Orchestra prepares to play its last chord, Steve Moretti with the Pops says fans became worried they were leaving too.

"There was a lot of chatter and so I had to get on social media and sort of fan out some of that. Some people thought that we were part of the Macon Symphony, some people thought that we grew out of the one Pops concert that the Macon Symphony did, and I had to go explain," Moretti said.

With that said, the Pops will continue to make music in Macon and plan to expand their horizons this season.

Moretti says they will play in three different venues to allow for different "experiences."

The first will be a picnic-style setting where people can bring lawn chairs and blankets on the lawn of Middle Georgia State University.

The next will be a traditional setting at the Cox Theatre, and the third will be a big "splash" at Mercer's Hawkins Arena.

The Pops also plan on helping young musicians this year, too.

"Kids at schools who are interested in music, they can come and attend our rehearsal and have an interactive question and answer session with some of the musicians," Moretti said.

Their first concert will be August 26, and tickets are $24. They can be bought at the door or at