This Pringles “ringle” needs no strings to hold it up, no glue, no sticks – just good old fashioned physics.

Isn’t science cool?

Jane Espenson must think so. Seeing a tweet on @SciencePorn, the television writer for such shows as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica and Once Upon a Time went to work trying to construct her own Pringles "ringle.”

Her experiment worked, as evidenced by a tweet that would inspire many on social media to give it a try as well.

However, unlike Egyptian pyramids, the Great Wall of China and many of Earth’s other manmade wonders of the world, the “ringle” will not be standing up to the test of time, Espenson said.

“For all those saying I wasted food, have no worries,” she tweeted. “I ate all the Pringles after it collapsed.”