It's been 16 years since Leonard Postero died.

Postero was born, raised and died in Athens, Ga., the home of the University of Georgia and heart of the Bulldog Nation, where his favorite football team has its kennel and stores its bones.

Throughout his life, Postero garnered attention with his keen sense of humor and story-telling ability. But perhaps his greatest notoriety came from Leonard's Losers.

Postero, the self-proclaimed greatest football prognosticator, hosted a weekly radio broadcast called Leonard's Losers. He, along with his imaginary sidekick Percy Peabody, employed "smart pills" to help them predict the losers of the upcoming football games.

He used his "upset bug" instead of conventional wisdom to determine which favored team would fall prey to the underdog. He also concocted his own nicknames for the teams.

For example, he called the Georgia Dawgs the Red Clay Hounds, and he called the Florida Gators the Giant Water Lizards. Although he didn't come up with the "World's Largest Cocktail Party" as a name for the annual Clay Hound/Water Lizards skirmish in Jacksonville, he used it often in his pre-game version of Leonard's Losers.

On Saturday, the Red Clay Hounds and Giant Water Lizards take center stage at the World's Largest Cocktail Party again. The Lizards have snapped the Clay Hounds' behinds for three consecutive years.

This year, however, the Clay Hounds are a 14-point favorite.

Sportswriters often comment about upsets in rivalry games. This week, some have dredged up previous Georgia/Florida games in which the highly favored team lost to the underdog. Others have pointed out that since 1990, the Water Lizards have dominated the series, winning 21 of 27 games.

Georgia Coach Kirby Smart knows about upsets and letdowns and other obstacles that could impact his team's performance. He's discussed those negative factors with his team. But he's also stressed the Bulldog's strength and how to use and improve it.

But enough is enough, and three consecutive losess to the Gators exceeds that criteria. The Gators may have Postero's "upset bug" biting their fannies as they slither out of the Gainesville swamps on their way to Jacksonville and the cocktail party.

But when the final whistle sounds, the Dawgs will be on top. If he were still around, Leonard would've put the 2017 Gators in his losers bracket, where they belong.

The final score: 31 to 7, Georgia.