Starting next month, you'll be able to sit down, grab some popcorn and watch some movies at Theatre Dublin.

Gabrielle Dawkins stopped by the theatre to see what new plans they have in place.

Theatre Dublin, originally known as the Martin Movie House, was built in 1934 but closed its doors in the 1970's.

"Usually on Saturday afternoon and Saturday night our family would try to come," said Dublin-native Emily Kight.

Kight walked around the newly upgraded theatre and looked in amazement.

"It's restored beautifully. It looks like the same thing," said Kight.

She says she remembers walking around Dublin and it reminds her of good times well spent with friends.

"Even when we were children growing up, it was a lot of fun. It was a treat to come to the theatre," said Kight.

Theatre director Liz Coleman says starting next month, you'll be able to sit down grab some popcorn and watch some new and old classics.

"We already have 30,000 people come through the theatre annually and this is only going to raise that number. It's going to be a huge heartbeat in downtown Dublin and we've already had a huge response," said Coleman.

Over the past three months, they've spent $200,000 to bring in 18 surround sound speakers and a large electric screen.

On November 17, they plan to showcase the Justice League.

Movie tickets are $8.

"We want people to come here for an affordable price and not break the bank while also being able to see great movies," said Coleman.

Kight says she looks forward to bringing her children and family to the theatre and making new memories.

"We're excited about it opening very soon and I can't wait to see the variety of movies that will be shown here," said Kight.

With more than 600 seats in the theatre, they're expecting a full house for opening night.