Saturday morning baseball players will start swinging for the fences at a newly renovated Macon-Bibb Park.

Friday county leaders celebrated the completion of Theron Ussery Park, formerly known as North Macon Park.

Former Macon City Council member, Theron Ussery, always advocated for expanding and improving recreation facilities across the county, but never expected to have his name on a park.

"You don't run for politics to get anything named for you. You do your job, you try to make a difference, so it's quite an honor and I'm flabbergasted," Ussery says.

He fought to put tax dollars toward giving children places to play.

SPLOST put $425,000 towards the park to make improvements, and now everyone is getting ready for opening day.

Steven Bloodworth says his three boys are ready to knock it out of the park Saturday, especially his youngest son who wants to walk in his brothers' footsteps.

"My four-year-old came in this morning and said, 'One more day until opening day.' I had hung his jersey up. I think he would've had that on and his pants if I hadn't had hung them up," Bloodworth says.

Bloodworth calls the excitement mutual, saying when he was growing up, facilities like this didn't exist.

"It was a pecan orchard where pecans all around us, and we had four telephone posts and chicken wire. Compare and contrast that to what this is, this is just unbelievable," he says.

From new fencing, bleachers, and dugouts to erosion control, Bloodworth calls this a home run of a makeover.

"It looks like a completely different park, so people are going to be shocked at how much nicer it is when they get out here," Bloodworth says.

So come buy some peanuts and Cracker Jacks, and make it out for many ball games.