We're continuing coverage on the Thomas Palmer investigation. Palmer is accused of killing a man in Crawford County, and shooting at deputies in Monroe County. Now, Thomas has pending drug charges in Bibb County. Yvonne Thomas spoke to Bibb investigators about they found in found inside of the alleged gunman’s home.

Three crimes, in three different counties, in less than 24 hours. “We have a lot more interviews and things to do as we try to piece this situation back together,” said Special Agent JT Ricketson.

“That's not common, but it could happen,” said Captain Mark Franks with The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office. Thomas Palmer is charged with killing a man in Crawford County and then firing shots at deputies in Monroe County.

“Then investigators for the investigative unit were called to 1284 Burton Avenue,”said Franks. Just hours after the two shootings, The Bibb County Sheriff's Office opened a new investigation in Macon. “Basically he is accused of cultivating marijuana to sell,” said Franks.

Bibb investigators say that Thomas Palmer lived in this home right behind me. They say that's where they seized four marijuana plants and methamphetamines. “We also confiscated the lights that he has, the grow lights,” said Franks.

At this time, Bibb County Captain Mark Franks says investigators believe Palmer lived here alone and will face additional charges. “The warrants for possession of marijuana and methamphetamines are pending. We'll serve them before the end of the week,” said Franks.

Palmer remains in the Crawford County jail.