On Thursday, thousands of Hurricane Matthew evacuees hit the road to head north, and traffic on Central Georgia interstates was gridlocked.

Evacuee Maggie Gignilliot left her home in Savannah with her two grandchildren. She told 13WMAZ that it took almost six hours to get to Macon, a trip that normally takes half that time.

"Between Dublin and where they closed [the interstate], I went 10 miles in two hours," says Gignilliot.

They are headed to Atlanta to stay with family while the storm passes.

"It moved very slowly, but hey what do you expect? You got a lot of people trying to get out of an area and everybody is trying to go in the same place," said Richard Kaiser, another Hurricane Matthew evacuee.

He and his brother Paul were also headed towards Atlanta and say they left their island home in McIntosh County.

"We made it as hurricane-proof as you possibly can, so we've got more steel more concrete more tie-downs so if things don't break in the windows, I think we will be fine," says Kaiser.

The brothers say they were in the car for 7 hours, but are thankful that they are safe.

Lieutenant Randy Gonzalez with the Bibb County Sheriff's office says they have officers patrolling the roads during this large evacuation. They are encouraging drivers to be patient with the traffic, drive safely, and remember to buckle up.