A sea of green filled the streets of Dublin, Georgia, Saturday at the city’s 52nd Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Thousands have been celebrating all week long and a little bit of rain didn’t stop the party.

People dressed in all shades of green headed to downtown Dublin in hopes of finding a pot of gold.

For Kayle Johnson, that pot includes a lot of candy.

“It makes me happy. It warms my heart to see,” said Kayle Johnson.

She's celebrating with her family by her side.

"I've been waving. I've been catching candy. I got a sack behind me," said Johnson. "This is all of the candy you can get here.”

Mini cars zoomed down the street, kids did cartwheels, and bands performed, but this is just one of the many celebrations the city hosts throughout the month.

Troy Windham, the co-chairman of the Dublin-Laurens St. Patrick's Committee, says they start planning for the parade in June 2016 and this year they had about 145 entries.

"Super Saturday, which is our big event right here with the parade, and arts and crafts, we expect about eight to 10,000 [people] here over the course of the day," said Wyndham.

Robbie Hobbs says it's a celebration that she feels makes this community a little closer.

"It's a strong sense of community,” said Hobbs," you keep seeing people that you know year after year. You watch little kids grow up and they become mommies and daddies, and their children are in it. It’s been going on a long time."

Saturday is the only day full of festivities. They continue for the rest of the month.

Click here for a full list of events.