Downtown Macon is getting a little more colorful.

The Macon Arts Alliance got a $31,500 grant from the Community Foundation of Central Georgia to install three murals.

Nicole Butler spoke with the artists behind the masterpieces about what their inspiration is and how the community can get involved.

Pulling up to the bus station, things will be looking a little more colorful with three new murals filling up the blank wall.

Artist Christopher Logan says this is the perfect spot for their work to be appreciated.

"It's a meeting place, you know? How many places do you get to go in Macon where you get to see so many people from all different areas?" he says.

Those people inspired him, taking pictures and projecting their figures on the wall.

"I bumped into a couple of people and they were saying, 'Oh, yeah!' They either say themselves or they saw someone they knew," Logan says.

On the other hand, Isaac Ramsey says he got inspired from the birds of prey that represent Georgia's sports teams, and hopes to inspire others through his work.

"You just take a regular wall and you can totally transform it, and it's important for children to see that not everything is just a brick wall. You can do something special with anything," Ramsey says.

Mary Frances Burt has not started on her mural just yet.

She will be painting three women from different cultures coming together to be friends.

She wants others to come and share her vision.

"My hope is that we'll have people come together to create something beautiful and that they were a part of that and it will be a lasting reminder," Burt says.

The artists normally paint every Sunday and encourage the community to come join in on the fun.