We're expecting a cold front moving into Central Georgia this week, and some people are probably getting their house ready for the cooler temperatures. You may be turning on fireplaces or your furnace for the first time this season, but there are some safety tips you should hear before getting cozy.

With temperatures possibly dropping into the 40s this week, Mary Wright called in a service technician with Total Comfort Heating and Air to take a look at her heater.

"It's time to get my air condition serviced because you're supposed to do it twice a year, and it's time for it to be done for the winter months," Wright said.

Wright says she faithfully follows that twice-a-year check rule. So far, she hasn't had any problems, and she didn't want any Monday.

"I hope he tells me everything looks good," Wright said.

And Service Technician Mike Presley found no problems with Wright's system, but he says if units aren't serviced every year, it could cause costly problems.

"If you have to replace a motor, you may be talking several hundred dollars," Presley said. "If you have to replace a furnace because the gas pressure hasn't been maintained properly, or you've got a crack in your heat exchange, you're talking several thousand dollars at that point."

Servicing your heater is on Baldwin County Fire Chief Troy Reynolds' list of safety steps for preparing your home for colder weather.

He says you should also clean your chimney. It's a fire hazard to leave soot in the chimney.

And if you're using a space heater, give it some room to breathe. Reynolds says you should have it at least 3-4 feet away from any combustible objects.

Also, do not plug it into an extension cord. It needs to go straight to the wall.

He says you'll also want to be sure your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detectors are working. Reynolds says with a gas appliance, it could release carbon monoxide into your home.

But Reynolds says overall, they just want people to be safe and enjoy the lower temperatures.