Friday marks one year since Bibb County Investigator TJ Freeman was killed in the line of duty in a car accident.

It's been what Freeman's wife Jessica calls a year of ups and downs.

Jobie Peeples sat down with her and their two kids to hear how they're doing.

One year ago, Jessica Freeman's life changed forever.

Her husband TJ, an investigator with the Bibb County Sheriff's Office, was killed in the line of duty in a car accident, leaving behind her and their two kids, 12-year old Braden and 7-year-old Blaiklyn.

"It was just like a hole you couldn't crawl out of. It didn't always get deeper, but you just couldn't get out of it," said Jessica.

Jessica says it's been a year of ups and downs for their family.

Over the course of 365 days, there have been a lot of adjustments and now she says they're finally looking ahead.

"You can't live if you're in a cloud the whole time, and that's kind of how it was. We were floating around on a TJ cloud, but you've got to come back down to earth at some point," Jessica said.

Jessica says at about the 6-month mark, that's when she started having a different perspective on the family's situation, and she says one thing that's helped with moving forward is having Bojar.

"He even ate a hole in my mattress looking for TJ. He was literally tearing my house apart," said Jessica.

Bojar was TJ's K-9 partner that was in the car with him at the time of the accident.

Jessica says it hasn't been an easy transition bringing him back in the house, but things have gotten better over the course of the year.

"Gray's K-9 Academy did some obedience training for him because he was trained to find drugs and he was really good at his job, but when his job became becoming a house dog, he was not so good at that," said Jessica.

She says she's not sure the family would be doing as well now if it weren't for having Bojar. "When it happened, it was kind of like we lost two family members, so we at least got one back, so even though we got him back full of anxiety and depression, so were we. So he just fit in with the rest of the crew."

But Jessica says now they're just looking forward to moving forward. "I've just spent my whole year just wanting it to go by. You know, nobody wants to live like that forever, so I'm just hoping that this next year, I just don't want the year to end. Maybe all of us can actually enjoy it a little bit."