Macon Housing Authority is completing their tenth housing project in Bibb County. Bibb Commissioners were planning to tour the housing facilities today but they ended up having to cancel. 13WMAZ’s Mary Grace Shaw took a tour of her own to see some of the work Macon housing has done.

What used to be Hunt Elementary School on Shurling Drive will become housing for senior citizens come December.

“We're not driven by anything in particular other than where’s the best need in Macon-Bibb for development,” says the developer for Macon Housing Authority projects, Anthony Hayes. He says they have built ten affordable housing communities.

“Those that might otherwise be homeless those that have special needs and disabilities so our housing serves a great need in the community,” says Hayes.

The CEO of Macon housing, June Parker, says they have serviced 6,000 families in complexes and homes.

“We provide a quality of life that they might not be able to otherwise experience,” says Parker. She says the newest project is the Tindall Senior Towers. They have started construction on Plant Street, and she says they have knocked down 14 buildings. She says they will continue to knock down 40 more to complete the senior housing.

Hayes says so far they have spent $111 million from tax credits and government funding.

“Where’s the next opportunity to help someone. Help the communities to make the community in which we live a better place to be,” says Hayes.

Parker says they will begin phase one on the Tindall Senior Towers in 2017.