A Central Georgia Cold case has resurfaced after 18 years. Heather Davidson's body was found in Butts County in 1999, and a 2015 DNA test led to a new suspect.

"He's an individual who deserves special attention from our office," says Towaliga District Attorney Jonathan Adams of the murder suspect.

On October 14, 2015, Fuquah Dewalt Cashaw was indicted by a grand jury in Butts County for the 1999 murder of Heather Davidson.

"In 2015, with advancements in DNA as well as some other evidence that had been collected, they were able to identify the suspect, Mr. Cashaw," says Adams.

According to Adams, Cashaw is charged with malice murder, felony murder, and kidnapping with bodily injury. Davidson's body was found on Kermit Williams Road, strangled and decomposing. Investigators identified her by her fingernails.

"We have no other evidence, no other DNA that links anyone else to Miss Davidson's death," says Adams.

Adams says when seeking the death penalty in the state of Georgia there must be "aggravating circumstances."

"In our case, the murder occurred with a kidnapping, so that's one aggravating circumstance. We believe that the strangulation and the beating death of the victim was vile, that qualifies, and there are some other things that we will present to the court," says Adams, like Cashaw's criminal history, but Adams declined to comment on that Wednesday afternoon. Adams says he's convinced he must pursue the death penalty in the case of Cashaw.

"I represent the people and the death sentence is a sentence that is authorized by the state of Georgia, and I believe that the community has a certain expectation that certain sentences be carried out to provide for their safety and security," says Adams.

Adams says Cashaw is expected to appear in court on March 16th for an arraignment regarding the death penalty.