Right here in Central Georgia, Treutlen County is under a state of emergency. That's according to Emergency Management Agency Director Sidney Love. Claire Davis spent the day at a grocery store where folks were stocking up ahead of Hurricane Matthew.

Brenda Lamb started her day early at the Piglet Grocery store in Soperton. “I've gassed up, I've purchased milk, bread, water stuff to make sandwiches. Just the general things,” she said. “There was very little sandwich meat and the water and milk is getting very slim this morning,” said Lamb.

She's also working overtime to batten down the hatches at home. “I have animals so I have to get them prepared and close up my barn and just get everything kind of out of harm’s way. Umbrellas, things like that around the pool,” said Lamb.

Sandra Simons is also preparing. “I hope it doesn't get bad, you know, if it does then we are prepared. My family is prepared,” she said. “We got everything put up outside in case of the wind and all of the rain and stuff because we live in the country,” said Simons.

But on Wednesday she had to drive more than 100 miles away. “I had to go yesterday to South Carolina to pick up my mom. They had mandatory evacuations because she's in the low country - she's right there on the coast,” said Simons.

Treutlen County EMA Director Sidney Love says they're monitoring the storm. He says they've gone down their list of things to do and they've contacted the utility companies and the road department to be on standby. He says for folks who live in Treutlen County, go ahead and stock up on the basics like bread, water and canned goods. Love says they are not planning to open any shelters since they're only expecting tropical storm force winds in the county.