Tuesday marks day one in the trial of former GBI agent Charles Woodall. Two years ago, a Bibb County grand jury indicted Charles Woodall on charges of molesting and showing obscene material to three middle school Macon boys. Yvonne Thomas has the latest on attorney's opening statement and testimony from witnesses.

During opening statements, prosecutor Dorothy Hull quoted a passage from the Bible. ”He was a wolf in sheep's clothing, outwardly appearing to be a concerned man of God who mentored young boys in his church,” said Attorney Hall.

While Defense Attorney Charles Cox encouraged the jury to be fact finders in this case. “It's your job to not make a decision based on an emotional response to what you hear... but to listen to it an evaluate it and make your decision,” said Cox.

Former GBI Agent Charles Woodall is accused of molesting and showing pornography to three middle school Macon boys who met Woodall at church. In Bibb County Superior Court, Woodall looked expressionless as he listened to hours of testimonies.

Two men, who are brothers, say they were middle school students when they met Woodall in 2009.
At the time, Woodall was a youth leader at Northway Church on Zebulon Road. Both men testified that Woodall touched them inappropriately, showed them pornography, and used sex toys.

One man said that Woodall performed oral sex on him.

In 2011, Woodall became a GBI agent. Hall says he used his position in the church and with the law to "deceive young boys and their families." Cox says, for years, Woodall and the witnesses enjoyed spending time together, hiking, camping and going to concerts.

This trial is scheduled to continue Wednesday. Both attorney Cox and Hull say Woodall worked as a youth leader in Knoxville, Tenn. before moving to Macon. During the trial, more witnesses from both Macon and Tennessee will be called to testify.