It's Halloween season in Warner Robins and throughout Central Georgia.

Kim Harnage lives in Central Georgia and loves the holiday.

“It's traditional, and I think it's fun, and I think children should be able to go out and have fun,” Harnage said.

But she says she does not take her grandchild trick-or-treating in neighborhoods anymore for a few reasons.

“With the latest information about the clowns, people dressing up as clowns, and then you have to be careful about the candy, and then a lot of people just don't give out candy anymore because they're scared of who might come to their door,” she explained.

13 WMAZ talked to the Warner Robins Police Department for safety tips If you plan to take your kids trick-or-treating in neighborhoods on Monday night.

“Check all the candy, make sure it's not opened before the children eat it and it's always safe to say don't let your kids eat any of the candy until you get back home and you can go through that,” WRPD spokeswoman Jennifer Parson said.

The Department also says to put reflective tape or lights on costumes, tell your kids not to run in the street, and to not use any real or replica weapons with costumes.

They also say they'll be out on patrol on Halloween.

“We're always heightened during Halloween, and any holiday really. We will be on patrol like we are always. It's just something that we ask people to be safe, be vigilant, don't be scared. You want to be able to live your life with your kids and enjoy your holiday and we want you to do that,” Parson explained.

Parson also reminded people that if you see something suspicious or that you think could be potentially dangerous, don’t be afraid to call it in.

AAA reminds drivers to avoid neighborhood short cuts, stay alert and slow down, and to drive sober.

All to make sure on this Halloween you don't get tricked, or worse, when you're out for treats.

The city of Warner Robins is officially recognizing Halloween from 6:00 - 8:00p.m. on Monday night, October 31.