After a historic season, the Georgia Bulldogs are getting the chance to take on the Alabama Crimson Tide in the College Football National Championship. That game is being played at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta. Georgia State Patrol says two other factors adding to game day traffic are brewing a perfect storm for a traffic nightmare.

“You've got the National Championship, President Trump is going to be in town, so of course, when his motorcade comes through, we have to shut down everything,” Sgt. Kevin Pope with Georgia State Patrol said. “Then you throw a winter storm on top of that, it could potentially be bad.”

Pope says all of that combines to become the perfect storm for a potential standstill.

“You need to be getting up there around 1 or 2:00 in the afternoon before it really starts getting bad,” Pope said. “You don't want to find yourself in gridlock traffic having spent all that money and then can't even get in the game.”

If you aren't heading to the big game, Pope has this advice navigating alternate routes in addition to 285.

“Highway 441 or somewhere that's going to take you to Northeast Georgia on that side of the state, or an alternate route to the Westside of the state Highway 19/41,” Pope said.

No matter what road you take, Pope says be prepared for anything with this unprecedented event.

“Be patient with other drivers on the roadway,” Pope said. “Try to give yourself enough time to where you're not running late or you're not cutting that deadline so close, that way there's no reason for you to be rushed.”

Pope says troopers are also on standby to assist brine trucks if road conditions get bad.