Independence Day traffic is expected to pick up soon.

AAA predicts the number of Americans traveling during the holiday will reach a record-breaking 44.2 million. They say it will be the most traveled Independence Day holiday in history. Most of those millions plan to travel on the road.

Niki Wharton from Oklahoma says she's ready to tackle the traffic.

"When we go on vacation, we don't worry about any of that. We just kind of put it in the back of our mind 'cause we know it's going to happen, so we just go with the flow," Wharton said.

Georgia State Patrol says they are ready for her and others to arrive alive.

"We want to see people be safe," SFC MacKay Bloodworth with GSP said. "We truly care about the motoring public. We want to see them arrive safely at their destination. We don’t want to get called to the crash where someone’s been ejected because they weren’t properly restrained.”

Bloodworth says over the long holiday weekend, they will be out in full force. In particular, they are looking for people not buckling up.

“Occupants that aren’t restrained are so much more likely to be injured or killed in a crash if you’re not wearing your seat belt,” Bloodworth said.

Another major concern for you staying safe on your road trip is staying off your cell phone.

“It’s becoming an epidemic and everyone is distracted by that telephone,” Bloodworth said. “If you’re focusing on that phone, you’re not looking outside that vehicle and looking down the road.”

Staying away from your phone could save you not only your life, but also some money.

“Texting and driving is a big campaign that were focusing on, so if you’re caught texting and driving, you can expect a citation,” Bloodworth said.

Bloodworth also says under Georgia law, drivers need to slow down and move over one lane if they see an emergency vehicle on the side of the road.

The Georgia Department of Transportation will suspend some interstate lane closures from noon Friday until 5 a.m. next Wednesday. The suspension expands to lane closures on state routes that serve major tourist and recreation centers.