Over the past week, several systems have passed over Sierra Leone in West Africa, causing deadly landslides through the country. Once these systems emerge over open water, they have the potential to develop into tropical systems.

Over the next few days these systems will continue to move towards the West and as they get closer to the United States we will have to watch them for potential development. The first system we're tracking is Tropical Storm Harvey that just formed in the Eastern Caribbean. This system is expected to track over the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico in a few days.

The next system that we are watching is invest 92L. This system has a decent chance of development over the next five days but the track takes it towards the Southeast. With a track in our direction, we will be watching this very closely.

And finally the last system that we are watching is a little farther to the east as you go towards the West coast of Africa. This system has a lower chance of development but that could change as we go through the rest of the week.

It is common this time of year to see an increase in activity in the Atlantic so it is no surprise that we are dealing with all of these systems. Over the next few days it is something we will be keeping a very close eye on.