First, we will take you up to the North Atlantic where we are following Hurricane Gert. Right now, Gert is continuing to move to the northeast as a category 2 hurricane, the first category 2 storm of the season. Fortunately, Gert is not expected to affect the united states as it continues to move out to sea.

Farther south, is our first area of interest, 91L. Today, convection has become better organized around this system and so it is has been given decent chances of forming into a named system over the next few days.

To the east is our next area of interest, 92L. This batch of storms is expected to continue moving into an environment more conducive for development which will help it to form into another named system over the next week.

And finally, off the west of Africa is our final system. This one does not have a designation yet but is expected to move into a favorable environment over the next 5 days and may develop into something later this weekend.