She's known for her southern recipes at the H & H Restaurant and her support for the Allman Brothers Band. Now Louise Hudson, also known as Mama Louise, will receive a lifetime achievement award from the Tubman Museum. Yvonne Thomas stopped by the famous restaurant and spoke to people who say she's made a difference in their lives.

Jerry Davis started working for Louise Hudson 27 years ago. “I started when I was 13 years old. I was just making tips. That was my money,” said Davis.

But it wasn't just the finger-licking fried food that keep Jerry coming back. It was her golden reputation that people say made Louise Hudson a friend or 'Mama' to nearly any person she met. “She's just a sweet person,” said Davis. “She'll scratch your back if you scratch hers. She's just as good as gold.”

“She's just such and open and welcoming person,” said Drew Jennings, General Manager of the H&H Restaurant.

Mama Louise became a household name for her character during the Civil Rights Movement when she welcomed a mixed-race group of young musicians into her restaurant. The group later became the Allman Brothers Band, creating a 40-plus-year friendship for years to come. “It's an unbelievable story, but unbelievable people make unbelievable things happen,” said Jennings.

Now more than fifty years later, Mama Louise will receive a lifetime achievement award for her service. “We thought that she should have gotten something like that a long, long time ago, but you don't ask when, you ask why, and the reason why is because of who she is and what she's done for not just famous people, but what she does for everybody, every day,” said Jennings, showing that the impact she makes goes beyond the walls of the H&H and touches the hearts of those around her.

Mama Louise will receive her award at 4:30 p.m. tomorrow at the Tubman Museum. She's also celebrating her birthday Wednesday... as well.