It's almost time for some families to find the perfect Christmas tree.

Gabrielle Dawkins visited the Sandy Creek Christmas Tree Farm to see how the trees are looking this year.

Donald Watson, the owner of Sandy Creek Christmas Tree Farm, has grown and sold trees since the late 1970s.

"One acre of trees like this produces enough oxygen annually for 18 people," says Watson.

Watson says there are some perks for those looking for the real McCoy this Holiday season.

"This tree is not made of oil, arsenic, or lead as the artificial trees are," says Watson.

This season Irma's heavy winds caused some serious damage on his 25 acres of trees.

"Devastating because of the Hurricane," says Watson. " We lost hundreds of trees."

"The soil was extremely wet. That, coupled with high winds, it didn't take much to blow them down," says Watson.

He says he lost thousands of dollars, but says he's still got plenty more trees for sale.

"In the winter of each year, we plant a fresh crop about, five years later, sometimes up to 7 years later, the trees are then big enough to sell," says Watson.

If you plan on stopping by, you can use a saw to cut down any tree that you like.

"The children enjoy seeing timber when mommy cuts it down and daddy cuts it down, or if mommy cuts it down in many cases. They all have a good time," says Watson.

Watson trees are priced at $10 and up.

Watson's Sandy Creek Tree Farm is located at 5889 Hammock Road in Twiggs County and will be open this Saturday at 10 a.m. until sunset.