Georgia Department of Transportation and the Twiggs County Sheriff's Office wants you to avoid a bridge on Highway 80 in Dry Branch. According to Kimberly Larson with GDOT, the bridge that sits over Wolf Creek is in critical condition due to erosion. City leaders told Yvonne Thomas they want the community to take this warning seriously.

Part of Highway 80 is closed for repairs. “I didn't know what they were doing,” said resident Wayne Deal. “I know they've been working on the road for a while.” “It's an inconvenience for everyone, “ said Twiggs County Sheriff Darren Mitchum. “People have to commute to go to work or to school.”

Kimberly Larson with the Georgia Department of Transportation says this bridge is in need of urgent repair due to erosion. She says crews will work all weekend to repair the bridge, but they're asking you to stay away from this area for your own safety.

Even if you live life in the fast lane, Twiggs County Sherriff Darren Mitchum says crossing this bridge isn't worth the risk. “Those safety measures are put in place for a reason,” said Sheriff Mitchum. “You know, you may be the vehicle that's on the bridge if the bridge collapses or you could be the one that comes through after that.”

Candice Ross says until the bridge is repaired, She'll find a detour to get her children to school. “I'm going to go down this road, then Sgoda and hit the interstate down there,” said Ross.

And there's another safety rule for people who choose not to make that decision. “If we see or catch someone moving those barricades and driving across the bridge anyway, then the person driving that car will get a trip to jail and they will have a court day to appear before a judge and answer that,” said Sheriff Mitchum.

Larson says crews will be working to repair the bridge this weekend. The goal is to reopen the bridge on Tuesday, March 14th. But since the bridge is closed until next week, here's another way to get to Jeffersonville. You can take Riggins Mill Road to Sgoda Road, then hop on I-16 West and take exit 18 to Bullard Road and Jeffersonville. That road will lead you to downtown Jeffersonville.