Byron Police Chief Wesley Canon says he suspended two of his officers for violating traffic laws in their police vehicles.

According to a crash report from the Georgia State Patrol's Perry office, Officer Steve Jansen Farmer and Officer William Robert Younce crashed on March 3 off of James E. Williams Industrial Drive.

Canon said GSP did not issue any citations for the incident.

The report says that Farmer was traveling north in the north lane of James E. Williams Industrial Drive. Younce was going north in the south lane. It says Farmer "attempted to overtake" Younce's car, when Farmer's car hit the driver's side of Younce's car. The report says Farmer crashed on the shoulder of the road. Younce's car struck a tree before it came to a stop.

Neither officer was injured in the crash.

Canon said both police cars were damaged in the accident, but he did not know how much repairs would cost.

He said both officers were suspended for five days and one was demoted.

Canon said the officers were not racing, but added, "I do not believe they were acting appropriately."

He said his officers are charged with enforcing the laws, and that they "darn sure should not violate traffic laws."

Canon says he holds his officers to a higher standard, and that this incident is "black eye" to his department.

He said the two officers would be allowed to return to work after completing their suspension.