Macon often brags of its musical heritage and on Friday, it honored some who helped build it.

Doug Gray and the Marshall Tucker Band were celebrated at Grant's Lounge. The band was discovered there by Capricorn Records back in 1971.

Gray said he never imagined the band would still be playing more than 40 years later.

"All we did was just know that...we'd make a little bit of money to buy beer for the weekend and that's been 46 [years of] weekends ago," said Gray.

He added that returning to Grant's brought back memories of his experiences in Macon.

"It's heartwarming to know that I still got people from Macon, Georgia in my heart and in my band," said Gray.

Gray wasn't the only icon recognized on Friday. Founding Allman Brother Band member Jaimoe was awarded the Harriet Tubman Medal of Freedom.

Tubman Museum Education Coordinator George Crawley said Jaimoe earned the award through his decades of groundbreaking work as a black musician in the white-dominated genre of Southern Rock.

For Jaimoe, the award was something he'd thought of since childhood.

"When I was a kid growing up, seeing things like this presented to people...I always dreamed of it," said Jaimoe.

The ceremony at the Tubman Museum included music from Robert Lee Coleman and appearances by plenty of Jaimoe's friends, family and fellow musicians.

Holding his medal, Jaimoe said there's "a lot of love in this."