Three teenage boys set out for a day of duck hunting back in January of this year.

That day on the water turned into a distress call when their boat overturned.

Jesse Suggs, a Monroe County Firefighter and EMT, says when he got to the scene, it was worse than he imagined.

"We have false calls, you know -- someone thought they may have seen a boat overturned -- and thankfully, a majority of the time, it's nothing, but that day, it was definitely something."

Suggs says that was one of his longer days.

"We were out there about 90 minutes or so."

The rescue could have taken much longer if they'd gotten there just a few minutes later.

"The cell phone that they were using was almost dead and we barely caught a glimpse of their cell phone light," Suggs explained.

But that light led Suggs and his partner, Eric Tully, to save lives.

"Two of the guys were still conscious, and we had one kid that was hypothermic," Suggs said.

He called it another day on the job, but Monroe County Fire Chief Matthew Perry nominated Suggs and Tully for statewide honors.

And the governor's council chose them among the winners for the Governor's Public Safety Award.

The two were honored on Thursday where they were given medals and presented with their names on plaques that will forever lie next to other heroes in the Georgia Public Safety Training Center.

Suggs says he was shocked to find out he won an award for saving the boys back in January, but he says any one of his team is capable.

"It's a great honor, but any one of them would have done the exact same thing that I did. I was just in the right place at the right time," Suggs said.

For being there at the right time, Suggs and Tully now hold an honor that lasts a lifetime.