One park in Warner Robins opened up to the public Wednesday, while another is still in the works. Madison Cavalchire went to the International City to find out how people are reacting to the long-awaited parks.

After over a decade of planning, Wellston Park in Warner Robins is making progress. Construction began last year. Members of the 116th Civil Engineering Squadron of the Georgia Air National Guard are completing the park's 1.5 mile trail as part of their training.

"Having a community where you have things for the families to come out and enjoy is something that's been needed in the area for a long time," said Warner Robins resident, Kevin Greer.

On Wednesday, Warner Robins also celebrated the opening of Walker's Pond, something high schoolers here say is long overdue.

"Before, the only place we could really go was Wellston Trail, but that was a little far from our house," Michael Sharbutt said.

"I think the park will be good because all of the kids who get in trouble will come here to get out of the way and clear their minds," Cody Bullock said.

That's exactly what these boys say they've been doing for years.

"We used to be the only ones out here, until the city started working on it," Christian Waszczak said.

Since construction on the park started about two years ago, the teens say there has been less trash and more people walking the new trail. But it's not just kids who are pumped for the city's long-awaited parks.

"I think it's a really great thing when smaller towns like Warner Robins can put in nice public spaces, like you'd find in Saint Petersburg or Tampa," said Warner Robins resident, Philip Chafin.

With one complete and one in progress, there will soon be more trails to blaze in Warner Robins.

Construction should be complete on Wellston Park in early June.