Two sites in Macon are now being recognized by the state for their significance.

The Georgia Industrial Children's Home was just added to the Georgia Register of Historic Places.

If you're driving down Mumford Road in Bibb County, you'll come across more than 150 acres of land, and a few buildings that make up the Georgia Industrial Children's Home.

"We're over like 120 years old and have been serving children all of those years," the program director Linda Finley said. "This facility has always been providing for the care of children; the property has never been used for anything else."

Finley says Reverend William Mumford wanted to create an orphanage that was nondenominational, opening it's doors to all orphaned children.

Historian Maryel Battin says that was ahead of the times, and so was the way he chose to house the children.

He didn't want them institutionalized like children were at other homes.

"He from the very beginning wanted them in cottages, so it was a more home-like atmosphere," Battin added.

That's why she and others wanted the home placed on the Georgia Register of Historic Places. A committee reviewed their research and added the home to the list.

The James and Olive Porter House on Tucker Road in Macon was also added to the Georgia Register of Historic Places.