The Warner Robins Police Department is retiring two of its four-legged crime fighters.

The 10-and-a-half-year-old K-9 Ego will have his last patrol day on August 31st.

Ego is trained to sniff out narcotics, missing persons, and how to apprehend criminals. He'll be retiring to his handler Sergeant Wayne Fisher.

Fisher says Ego helped arrest hundreds of criminals since starting with the department in January of 2010.

K-9 Ego on the lawn of the Law Enforcement Center in Warner Robins

But, Fisher says Ego's favorite task was meeting the public.

“Ego is a very confident dog but is also a very laid back dog. He loves when we do our community relations events. He loves interaction with children and other people, he's a very social animal in that regard,” Fisher said.

Not to mention, Ego loves stuffed animals. One of his retirement gifts was a stuffed Labrador toy.

This will be Fisher's last K-9. He says his assignments as a sergeant are too demanding to also handle another dog.

Rasty is the other WRPD K-9 being retired this month. Rasty has worked with the department since 2012 and did other police work before that.

He sniffs for narcotics, tracks missing persons, and is trained to apprehend criminals.

Sergeant James Bish is his handler and says Rasty has helped him apprehend a couple hundred suspects.

Bish says his favorite thing about his partner Rasty is his focus.

“As soon as he comes out of the truck he's already starting to work. If we go into a house he knows that depending on what we're doing. I mean, he already knows if we're looking for people or if we're going to look for dope, he knows what we're doing,” Bish said at the Law Enforcement Center.

Ego and Rasty are already in the process of being replaced. The two were honored at the Warner Robins Council meeting on Monday.

Warner Robins police will have 5 K-9 units once the newest member of the force returns from training in North Carolina at the end of the month.