In response to the tragedy that took place in Texas over the past few days, Tyler Perry is planning on donating a total of $1 million in order to help with Harvey relief efforts.

He plans to split the $1 million between various funds and charities. Perry plans on sending $250,000 to Joel Osteen's mega-church, Lakewood Church, and he will be giving another $250,000 to Beyonce's pastor's relief fund with Bread of Life, Inc.

As for the remaining $500,000, Perry says he plans to find another way to give to the relief and is suggesting that those who want to give should give to the people and to be wary of certain charities.

"All of that to say, I'm giving. If you want to give, anything. If you've got a dollar, you got fifty cents, find the charity that will get the money to the people. Be sure you do that."

TEXAS CARES | How to donate to Harvey relief