A former GBI agent accused of child molestation was found guilty on all 12 counts.

A Bibb County jury delivered its verdict on Charles Woodall late Thursday afternoon.

They deliberated for less than two hours.

Over the past three days, Prosecutor Nancy Malcor says the jury heard from eleven young men who said Woodall molested them when they were younger.

They also said Woodall showed them pornography and had inappropriate conversations with them.

Woodall met those boys while working as a church youth leader in Macon or in Knoxville, Tennesee.

That all took place mostly before he joined the GBI in 2011.

Woodall took the stand Thursday and told the jury he never molested anyone.

He said he did discuss sexual topics with the young boys when they asked him about sensitive issues.

Several friends testified on Woodall's behalf.

They said he's honest and trustworthy and that they've never seen him act inappropriately toward kids.

Defense lawyer Charles Cox tried to poke holes in the victims' stories, but prosecutor Malcor said the evidence was overwhelming.

"The failure to report alleged allegations for years and years may mean it didn't actually happen, especially when it's combined with the fact that the person complaining about the molestation is, year after year, actively sought out a relationship with the alleged molester," said Malcor.

Woodall was taken into custody after the verdict. Senior Judge George Nunn said he may be sentenced within a week or two.

As a GBI agent, Woodall investigated some high profile cases like the deadly shooting of a Monroe County deputy three years ago.


Charles Woodall said he's never molested anybody.

He's the former GBI agent accused of molesting and showing pornography to three middle school Macon boys.

Woodall took the stand in his trial Thursday morning.

Two men, who are brothers... say they were middle school students when they met Woodall in 2009.

At the time, he was a youth leader at Northway Church.

But on Thursday, Woodall said he never acted inappropriately toward the brothers or anybody else.

He said he did discuss sexual topics with young boys at church, when they asked him about sensitive issues.

Woodall testified for about two hours today and left the stand about 11:30 a.m.

Several longtime friends also testified on Woodall's behalf. They said he was honest and trustworthy, and they said they've never seen him misbehave around children.

Closing arguments are expected Thursday afternoon, and the case may go to the jury then.