The Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Upson County Sheriff's Office are investigating after a wheelchair-bound man was found dead in the woods.

Upson County Sheriff Dan Kilgore says around 1:30 a.m. on Friday, deputies found Troymaine Johnson deceased in a hunting camp in the woods off of Triune Mill Road.

Johnson had been missing since the night of Tuesday, March 13th.

He was found about 100 yards behind the camps main gate next to a hunting camper.

Tina Lee lives right over the hill from the hunting camp where Johnson's body was found.

"It's affected me because I have cerebral palsy and to know he was this close. If he could've just come over the hill, if he could've just made it a little ways, we would've been able to help him," Lee cries.

They had received a tip from a woman who said her relative, Ruby Kate Coursey, told her she left a man in the woods.

 Ruby Kate Coursey

Johnson was from Fort Valley and was a paraplegic with no use of his legs and limited use of one of his arms.

Kilgore says deputies located Johnson's body after finding a car smashed through the fence of the hunting property. Investigators learned Coursey had been borrowing that car.

Kilgore says Johnson was last seen with Coursey after she went to visit him at his home in Fort Valley on March 14. Johnson's family had not seen him since then. Investigators learned Johnson and Coursey had some sort of previous relationship.

"They have had a romantic relationship for a while but they had not been in that relationship for a little while. She had gone down to pick him up and he was never heard from again," Sheriff Dan Kilgore says.

Kilgore says witnesses have come forward saying that she is capable of carrying Johnson on her own.

"She never took his wheelchair with them when she picked him up.. so he had no way to move," he says.

Deputies found a red Saturn Vue smashed through the fence, and the sheriff says they learned that Coursey had borrowed the car.

Deputies took Coursey into custody for outstanding probation warrant.

She has not been charged in Johnson's death.

Sheriff Kilgore says they are waiting on the results of an autopsy to charge Coursey with Johnson's death.

We also spoke to Jerrell Walker, a close friend of Johnson's, who says he lived in Fort Valley with his grandparents who cared for him.

Walker said Johnson's family did not wish to talk about what happened.