ATLANTA - Christmas has passed so that means presents have been exchanged and it's on to New Years - or maybe not.

With the mayhem of online ordering and gift deliveries, some customers have been left with nothing except frustration and time wasted.

David Johnson is one of those people.

Johnson told 11Alive's Latasha Givens that he ordered his girlfriend an Apple Watch that was supposed to arrive well before Christmas, but that didn't happen.

He said that he even paid an extra $14 for next-day shipping but his package still did not arrive on time. Johnson said he was told to come the UPS facility to pick up his package on Friday, December 22, so he did.

When he arrived to pick up the package, he was told by employees that his package was one of 37,000 packages that were being delivered on one truck and that he would have to come on Tuesday, December 26, to receive his package.

After hours in line, he still did not have his package.

A manager from an insurance company was in line and said he has been trying to pick up payroll checks for 22 employees since Friday. The employees did not have those checks for Christmas and he blames this particular facility. He told Givens other office locations received their checks without a problem.

11Alive reached out to UPS for information about these delivery struggle stories and while a spokesperson would not give us concrete information about delays and how they are working to get packages delivered, he did say they're working on it.

"We will work as hard as we can to get any issues resolved for our customers. The vast majority of UPS shipments have been, and continue to be, delivered on time.”

The company said they will not provide concrete on-time delivery statistics until their Q4 earnings report to investors on February 1.