When you enter a room and flip the switch, your first thought might not be where the power comes from. You just want it to work.

Tri-County Electric Membership Corporation, a utility company in Jones County is preparing for Wednesday's severe weather. Joey Brown, a lineman says, “We're expecting a bunch of blown-over trees and downed power lines about like yesterday,” said Brown. “So I'm just trying to make sure we got everything we need to work with.”

On Tuesday, he stacked his truck with transformers, bolts, wires, and other items he will need for severe weather.

“If you're working around any energized lines, these are line hoses that help protect us,” said Brown.

Kim Broun, Communication Specialist at Tri-County EMC says a contractor was out Tuesday trimming tree limbs and cleaning up Monday night's mess. She says the storm triggered 1,400 power outages, but they have to keep in mind one danger seeping in the dirt.

“The ground that is already wet from the rain yesterday makes trees more susceptible to fall,” said Broun. “So we're going to be looking for down trees and down power lines and broken power poles for the storm.”

With the possibility of extended outages, Broun say all hands are on deck to make sure power will be restored.

“In an event like this, we're going to have to survey the damage to see what areas we need to go to first,” said Broun.

If you're a Tri-County customer in Bibb, Jasper, Jones, Morgan, Putnam, or Wilkinson Counties, you can report your outage by texting the word OUT to 85700 or you can call 478-986-8100.

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