The Veterans Education Career Transition Resource (VECTR) Center in Warner Robins is getting ready to celebrate its one-year anniversary helping military members and their families.

The Chief Operating Officer says the work she's done the last year with the VECTR Center has been personal. Including, Airman First Class Alexander McAneney's achievement on Monday.

“Recently, I was in the commercial driver's license course, I just passed actually today,” McAneney said Monday morning.

McAneney has a new license to put in his wallet since he can now drive commercial trucks thanks to the VECTR Center.

McAneney says VECTR also helped him jump start a college career for free.

“It means a lot because I know for a lot of people, especially me, it's kind of hard to just get started. And you know VECTR Center has really helped me to just get started in the right direction, they're helping me a lot to just push me in the right way,” he said.

The airman currently has six college credits. The 24-year-old has been stationed at Robins for a year and a half and did not have a college education before the VECTR Center.

Over the last year, the VECTR Center says it has helped 8,700 veterans, Active Duty, Reserve, Guard members and their families.

They provide education on-site, access to state universities and colleges, help with benefits, finding jobs and becoming employed, and help create connections to community services. VECTR is partnered with Central Georgia Technical College.

Chief Operating Officer Trish Ross says for her, VECTR's work helping people move from military to civilian life is personal.

“Both my father and my husband spent actually years looking for a job and not being able to transition from the military successfully and I saw what that did to them. And so, it is literally the best job ever to help others be able to successfully transition,” Ross said in her office.

The Center now helps about 250 people a week and Ross says thanks to state and military funds, like the GI Bill, they're able to do a lot of their work at no cost.

Those in uniform, like McAneney, sure do appreciate it.

“College credits and the driver's license? I mean it's awesome, perfect,” he said.

To celebrate their one-year anniversary there will be an open house on Wednesday from 10:00a.m. to 2:00p.m. There will be food, giveaways, and plenty of information.

Ross says going forward they want to welcome more enlisted and retired members of the Armed Forces from all over the state. 60 percent of their current users come from the 11 counties surrounding Robins Air Force Base.

Ross says they’re also hopeful a developer brings housing to the VECTR Center so they can provide residences for people going through some of the longer 8 to 15-week training courses at the Center.

The VECTR Center is located at 1001 South Armed Forces Boulevard in Warner Robins.