In the shadow of the Las Vegas shootings, safety at large gatherings is on the minds of many people including Ashley Rose Childress.

She sent us a Facebook message asking us to Verify: "Can we open or conceal carry at the fair if we have a permit?"

We reached out to Keaton Walker., who is the Marketing Director for the Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter.

She says the fairgrounds are an open carry facility., so you can bring a gun, but there is one exception.

"Now in Reeves Arena, you cannot have any type of firearm at all," Walker added.

"So, that's for any of our rally groups or any of our concerts. If they're going into Reeves Arena, they cannot have those. They will be checked."

Walker also says if you plan to bring a gun., make sure you also bring your carry permit.

So, we verified: yes, you can bring a firearm to the Georgia National Fair, but you must have your permit, and you can't take it into Reeves arena.

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