We've been hearing from our viewers about an issue going on at the Perry Walmart. Truck drivers tell us they used to be able to park at the Walmart on St. Patrick's Drive in Perry, but recently, Walmart put up a sign reading, 'No commercial truck parking.' Our Madison Cavalchire wants to verify, where can truck drivers park?

Stephen Sydnor has been driving trucks through Central Georgia for 23 years, and he says finding a place to park when it's time to take a break can sometimes take up to an hour.

Sydnor says, driving through Central Georgia, truck stops and rest stops are often full. He says the Perry Walmart was the hot spot for stopping, until the store placed a sign prohibiting commercial vehicles from parking in the lot about a month ago.

"I pulled in one day, and they waved me down and told me if I'm here for more than 45 minutes, my truck will be towed," Sydnor says.

Walmart says it is up to the local manager to decide if, and for how long, commercial vehicles can park in the lot. Enayat Mahtavi says now that the Perry Walmart is off-limits, the Pilot Travel Center off highway 247 in Byron is a popular spot near Perry.

"It's hard everywhere, but especially in this area, it's really hard to find parking after 4:00 or 5:00 p.m.," Mahtavi says.

Both Perry and Warner Robins have no laws prohibiting parking in places like Walmart. Because Walmart is private property, it has the right to tow commercial vehicles.

Rasim Sadija says truck stops and rest areas are some of the only local spots where truck drivers can stop, if there are any spaces left.

These truck drivers say, sometimes the only option left is to drive until they're able to find an open space, or another Walmart, that does allow trucks.

The Perry Police Department says there was a fight at the Perry Walmart earlier this summer, where the driver of an 18-wheeler was charged with assault, after a towing company booted the truck.