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Rob Martin sent us one from Houston County.

He wanted to know two things: are golf carts allowed on public roads? And, are children too young to have a driver’s license allowed to operate the carts on public roads?

Martin says it’s a problem in his subdivision and that he and his dog almost got hit by a cart.

We spoke to Corporal Will Mitchelson with the Houston County Sheriff's Office Traffic Division and is a part of the HEAT team, as well as the Georgia Municipal Association and the Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG).

They're a regular sight near the green, but are golf carts allowed to roll down public streets in Houston County?

The ACCG and the Georgia Municipal Association say only if a local government decides to allow them in certain areas. So, we went to the Houston County Sheriff's Office.

Corporal Mitchelson with the traffic division says there's nothing on the County's books.

“In Houston County we do not have an ordinance in place,” Mitchelson said outside the Sheriff’s Office.

It means golf carts need to stay near the rough, not the road.

“To operate a golf cart on the road way in Houston County is illegal,” Mitchelson added.

The Sheriff’s Office says they've written tickets to people who drive their carts on public roads.

So, we verified that taking your cart from the fairway to an intersection is not allowed in Houston County.

We also asked Mitchelson about the driving age if driver’s in Houston County were allowed to use the carts on public roads.

“To be on the roadway to operate a motor vehicle on a roadway, you have to have a Georgia driver's license or a driver's license,” Mitchelson explained.

He says that's the case unless your city or county agrees to allow carts in certain areas. They’d also have to specify that people under the legal driving age could operate carts in the same area.

So don't turn in your scorecard for a traffic ticket and leave golf carts to the course.

We verified that in Houston County, they have to stay on the links otherwise they become a hazard.

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