Temperatures outside continue to spike along with the the number of violent crimes in Central Georgia.

Homicides happened in Warner Robins, Macon, Dublin, Telfair, and Dooly Counties.

We wanted to verify if there's a connection between hot weather and the number of homicides.

Coroner Leon Jones walks into crime scenes nearly every month.

When asked if it happens more often in warmer weather, he immediately answers yes.

"I think the weather condition plays a major role. When it's good weather, people get out. When it's bad weather, people stay in," said Jones.

He says that people go to social settings like nightclubs and barbecues.

Captain Shermaine Jones says that the number of homicides fluctuates each year, but the one factor that leads to them remains the same.

"Not knowing how to control your temper. You got to know your limits. Know when, 'If I'm angry, walk away,'" said Jones. "There's nothing that says that I have to deal with that person. I can walk away and choose to deal with that person at a later point."

The numbers of Bibb County Homicides from 2014 to 2016 shows there were 28 homicides for the five months with the hottest weather -- May through September.

There were 28 in the other 7 months, so that's a slight increase -- one homicide every 16 days when the heat is on and one every 22 days for the rest of the year.

"Well, during the summertime, you got the children to contend with, so a lot of their crimes are crimes of opportunity. They may want something that their parents say they can't have, so they decide to try and rob somebody," said Jones. "That robbery can turn into a homicide."

We verified that, yes, when the temperature goes up, the number homicides tends to rise along with it.


Bibb County Coroner Leon Jones

Captain Shermaine Jones at the Bibb- County Sheriff's Office Violent Crime Unit.