Tuesday night in a six to three vote, Bibb Commissioners approved an anti-discrimination ordinance. Mallory Jones is one of three Bibb Commissioners who voted against it.

Jones says his vote was partially based on hearing that the county has not had a single discrimination complaint involving sexual orientation or gender identity during more than three decades.

We wanted to know if that was true? Mary Grace Shaw worked to verify the numbers.

First, we reached out to County Human Resource Director, Ben Hubbard, to find out where he got his numbers. He did not get back to us, saying he was in meetings.

Instead, Bibb County spokesman Chris Floore answered our questions. He verified that Bibb County has no formal complaints during the past 34 years from employees claiming this type of discrimination.

“We have no complaints on file based on sexual orientation nor gender identity,” says Floore. He says this goes all the way back to 1983 when Hubbard stepped into his role.

Floore verified that this number included any formal complaints made in both the city of Macon and Bibb county prior to consolidation. He also checked for any complaints made in Macon-Bibb County after the governments combined.

“If there were a complaint made with a federal agency for employment discrimination of course they would notify us and conduct their investigation but we have not been notified of any of that,” says Floore.

We verified Jones' statement as true.

The number only covers formal complaints made in writing to the county.