WMAZ took a closer look at the fire history of Lenox Pointe Apartments in Warner Robins after someone who lives there said this on Sunday afternoon....

“I moved in last July and this is about the fifth fire we've had in less than a year, and where my apartment is, I've been surrounded by all these fires, and it concerns me because I have three daughters. We pay here, we live here, we trust that we're going to be safe and that we can sleep safe at night,” said Ashley Imel.

Crystal Livingston posted a similar comment on the WMAZ Facebook page.

Her comment said, "This is the 3rd fire they have had here since we moved in 6 months ago; the other 2 were minor in comparison but it's starting to be concerning."

So we wanted to verify those statements. Is it true that this particular apartment complex has had more than its fair share of fires?

Jacob Reynolds went straight to the source -- Public Information Officer Jennifer Powell with the Warner Robins Fire Department.

She told WMAZ that records show that since January 2016, the department has responded to only one other structure fire at the complex.

She said that it was a cooking fire in October 2016 and the damage was only to one apartment.

So, the statements about this apartment complex having numerous fires in recent months are false.

But for the Henderson family, Sunday’s fire left them without a home.

Just a portion of the Henderson's family belongings sat in the back of a van on Monday after the fire left their apartment with water damage and the smell of smoke.

“That's everything I have in there, and now what am I going to do, I have nothing now,” said mom Amanda Henderson.

But among the clothes and shoes they salvaged two items very important to the family.

One was a picture of Amanda and her grandmother on her wedding day. The other, a pillow from her grandmother's house that her daughters now love.

Amanda said both items were lucky to make it.

“That's all God, that's all it was. It had to be. Everything else in there, the ceilings about to collapse, and those two things that mean so much to us are perfectly fine,” she said outside her apartment.

Most importantly for Amanda, her family is okay.

“Exactly, that's all that really matters. We can replace everything else, but the three of us are fine and that's really all that matters,” Henderson said.

And 14-year-old Katelyn Henderson said she feels blessed because her mom and sister are still with her.

“Cause they're special to me and to have them gone would be very dramatic,” Katelyn said on Monday.

Now, they're moving on together and staying with family until they can find a new apartment.

Henderson told WMAZ on Monday that she was told to enter the apartment “at her own risk.” The family of three lived in one of the lower floor apartments, but were not home at the time of the fire.

Two of the apartments in the 8-apartment building, marked as building 27, are total losses, two others had smoke and water damage, the bottom four had water damage. Caution tape surrounded the entire building on Monday. 

VERIFY: Sources

Jennifer Powell, Warner Robins Police Department Public Information Officer